Signmaker Saw Packages

Saw Trax Manufacturing, Inc. is the sign industry’s premier manufacturer of substrate cutters, and we know the ins and outs of sign shops. Sign Shops cut a variety of material, not just wood, materials such as aluminum composites, corrugated plastics, foam board, PVC material, wood and much more. For some time, sign shops had to use different machines to cut each material. Thankfully, those days are gone, with the help of our Sign Maker’s Series.

With Saw Trax Manufacturing, Inc.’s Sign Maker Saw and Cutter, sign shops now have one machine for all of their cutting needs; you no longer need to buy a panel saw AND a mat-cutter. Equipped with all the normal standard features, such as a Makita 5007F circular saw, dust collection hook ups, folding stand, transport wheels, Pivoting Knife cutter insert and more, our substrate cutter is ideal for making precision cuts in sheet goods that are less than 1¾ inches thick.

If you own and operate a sign shop, there is no better cutting tool than Saw Trax Manufacturing, Inc.’s Sign Maker Panel Saw and Cutter. Contact us today and see how this saw will change your business for the better

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